mySensor RGBW sketch

Code here is for RGBW mySensor node. It is extended version of RGB-3D strip example provided by mySensor library. Added feature is control of additional PWM channel for white LED strip.

To allow fourth PWM on Arduino Pro board, channel PIN 9 which typically controls the radio had to be freed up. This has been achieved by configuring myTransport on pin 4 instead.

Node ID is set to 118.
Channels and openHAB bindings are listed below:
>[mysensor:/MyMQTT/118/9/V_DIMMER:state:*:default] – RED
>[mysensor:/MyMQTT/118/6/V_DIMMER:state:*:default] – GREEN
>[mysensor:/MyMQTT/118/5/V_DIMMER:state:*:default] – BLUE
>[mysensor:/MyMQTT/118/3/V_DIMMER:state:*:default] – WHITE

Node also acts as repeater. Serial debug is enabled.


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