Home automation with OpenHAB

I started a home automation project as entry phase of comms room automation system which I have mapped for next year.

After brief research I have put together a list of following elements I will include in my system:

  1. openHAB server – running on Ubuntu, initially I am using my Windows PC and raspberryPi
  2. MQTT Ethernet gateway – this is a bridge between wireless nodes and openHAB server
  3. Temperature and environment monitoring nodes
  4. Variety of relay nodes – with and w/o control buttons
  5. LCD display status nodes
  6. Motion detection nodes
  7. Power consumption monitoring nodes
  8. CCTV nodes

I will be posting detailed descriptions of each component to include schematics, code and sometimes case designs for 3d print.

Here is a bunch of links to resources I will be using:


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