CMP – R&D hardware platform and devices

I need a well equipped lab to work on my project…
…luckily enough I have some kit that I am going to utilize right away by¬†building a PC platform to satisfy my initial demands so here’s what I’ve got:

  1. Intel i7 2.8GHz and Asus motherboard (not sure about type, it’s P6TA from memeory)
  2. 6GB of RAM
  3. Blackmagic Declink Studio II (SDI/HDMI in-out)
  4. Nvidia GF GT640
  5. SSD system disk and few traditional ones in raid to provide some “plenty of storage”

I am pretty sure this box will cope with pretty much anything I am going to throw on it from compiling to video editing but I already see a need for another Decklink card on horizon…

In addition to PC I got Azbox HD Elite running openRSI and tuned to BBC 1 HD (Astra II) providing HDMI source and some USB cameras utilized as SD and HD video4linux sources.

I just finished setting up Ubuntu 13.10 on PC with initial set of drivers and my very next step is going to enable Blackmagic Decklink Studio so prepare for next post which will provide ultimate guide to Blackmagic’s Decklink drivers in Ubuntu.

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