CMP – Introduction

I am starting a new multimedia project called Content Manipulation Platform (CMP) which will address wide range of aspects related to content in IPTV systems. The principal concept is to utilize available open source solutions integrated together to achieve following functionalities:

  1. Video Ingest – SDI, IP, video4linux
  2. Audio Ingest – SDI, alsa, IP, jack, pulseaudio
  3. A/V Mixing 
  4. A/V Effects – GFX overlay, holding pages, etc
  5. Encoding – H264/AAC
  6. Publishing and Archiving – ability to publish and archive encoded service as IP stream and/or playback to SDI/HDMI devices
  7. Diagnostics and Control – web management

Ubuntu 13 is taken as software platform while components required to deliver each of listed components will be determined during initial R&D phase. Progress of R&D and delivery of working elements will be documented in posts under category titled Content Manipulation Platform (to match project name) of this blog.

I am sure working on project will bring a lot of fun and also challenges for me, while posts may be helpful for other who are also trying to use Linux in broadcasting environment.

You will find 2 posts in the category Content Manipulation Platform on this blog.

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