I am a busy man working to put some initial portion of stuff onto this blog. Until it’s done this page is not going to tell anything more about me…

…but I’m going to tell about the stuff to come, so you’re going to see a lot of stuff showing an Open Source approach to advanced video processing, broadcasting and solutions that money can’t buy( ! )

  • ultra low latency encoding 
  • handling broadcast equipment in Linux (DVB-S receivers and modulators, SDI in&out, PVR and more)
  • reliable publishing to CDNs 
  • case studies and concepts of reliable distribution (link aggregation techniques, FEC, maintaining low latency and QoS)
  • network aspects explained and real models of real examples and models of sophisticated network configurations for Cisco and not Cisco kit
  • point-to-point HD-SDI bridge over Internet (which does work)
  • IP video studio and video mixing
  • women nudity (occasionally)


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